JayR & Mica Javier - Tonight

Check out the newest and hottest OPM song today - Tonight by JayR & Mica Javier.

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JayR & Mica Javier - Tonight Music is also available here in "Latest OPM Hits"
TONIGHT by JayR & Mica Javier (Official Music Video)

Exclusive Release: Here is the official "TONIGHT" music video by JayR and Mica Javier.

Directed by : Romson Niega
Director of Photography : Nathaniel Fu
Editor : Ninja Scrawl
Producer : JayR & Mica Javier
Executive Producer : Marybelle Bustos
Line Producer : Andrew Ahn
Associate Producer : Helm Sicat
Hair : Victor Ngayan
Make Up : Kourtni Kuroki
Styling : Angela Alarcon, Marybelle Bustos, Jay Malvar
Location : Ryan Louis & Mike Daddy Evans
Art Department : Jay Malvar & Nicanor Evans
Hair : Victor Ngayan
Makeup : Kourtney Kuroki
Set Photographer : Helm Sicat
P.A : Mel Camilleri / Jaycee Camilleri / CJ Gingerella
Dancers : Scott Hsieh, Dolores parisi, Yoko Uchida, Nes Marco morales, Anna Franchesca Noval
Music Production : Wizz Dumb of DumbDrumbs (Timbaland Production) & JayR (Homeworkz)
Craft Services: Alvin Hernandez / Casey Lorenzen / Casey Cakes
Mix and Mastering: Jimmy Muna
Written by: Mica Javier, JayR, Davix Foreman
Label: Homeworkz

Special Thanks: KB / Skingraft / E. Joseph Torres II / Christian Cabuay / Miss Wax / Royya / La Maison de Fashion / Mister SF / Dee Jae Paeste / Janessa Molina / Jhing Sillona / Jessica Lee / Bency Jimenez / Jack Jittkaroonrus / Tony Chai / Chris Alan / Espee Sillona / Anna Franchesca / Melissa Fisher (Panda) / Rachel Suter / Unico Glorie / Derek / Geoff
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