Kyla - Beautiful Days

Check out the newest and hottest OPM song today - Beautiful Days by Kyla.

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"Beautiful Days" lyrics

I see beautiful days with you
I feel beautiful ways of loving you
You've touched my heart so deeply
And I can?t thank God enough
For all the beautiful days with you
I feel beautiful ways of loving you
Everything is just so wonderful
Every little thing is just so beautiful
When I spend it with you

You came along
In an unexpected time
It was so divine
Knowing you are mine
It feels so right
When I look into your eyes
I never knew that love
Could make me feel this way
I can't wait for the day
When I can truly say

Repeat Refrain

Woh, oh woh

With you I felt fine
So right
I've sang so many songs in stages
With thousands of them watching me
But you?re here with me now
And I sing this song to you
To you, baby
Just for you
Just for you

Repeat Refrain


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Kyla - Beautiful Days Music is also available here in "Latest OPM Hits"
Kyla - Beautiful Days Official Music Video

Feel the love and inspiration. Here is an original composition of KYLA "Beautiful Days". Shot in Batangas under the direction of Topel Lee.
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