Lester Paul Recirdo - Learning Amnesia

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"Learning Amnesia" lyrics

I can't bring back my heart again
Because you did not protect my heart
I can't bring back my trust in you
Because you hurt me so bad

You are the one i love
But you broke my heart
I really hate you

I can't forget what you've done
I dont now the word move on
And how can ill be back to normal
I dont know i dont know what to do now

Now its too late to have me back
May be its time to say goodbye
Because you make feel alone
But I dont know where to start again

Ooohhhh someoen help me to heal pain
Ooohhhh help me help me
Oooohhh wooooo help me back again

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Learning Amnesia
by Lester Paul Recirdo
Lester Paul Recirdo - Vocals/Guitar
Third Samsaman - Kahon
Joules Cometa - Guitar 
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