Manila Boize feat. Jacqueline Noah - Fantasy

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"Fantasy" lyrics

[ Chorus ] (Jacqueline Noah):

Everything you do is a fantasy
Everything you say confuses me
Stuck between your lust and harmony
What you know about L-O-V-E

Verse 1 (Mooniz):

Now, hold up, stop
Now wait a minute,
I won't give you no tiffany diamonds, on that ring finger
Not too old to give a fuck, just too young to step it up a notch
And beside, well, I don't give a whaaa
Nah, just kiddin', I don't wanna hurt no feelings
I hope you just trippy... and not trippin'
Blame it on the henny, blame it on whole night
I'm just tryna have some fun, blame it on the roach right
Lay back, relax, enjoy...
What you gettin now,
Not supposed to marry you
You're just beautiful
Pretty boy, not just average, not typical
XoXo, it's that guy from Manila Boize!

[ Chorus ]

Verse 2 (Kid Cras):

What it take for me to be your sugar daddy
I be your papi chulo, you be my mami chula, baby get at me
I ain't gon' lie, I had a couple summer flings
You wondering, if I'm a play you the way I played Charmaine
But i see you, with your fine ass and thighs
The type that make other brothers dream, 'bout getting inside
I'm really blind... the way I'm treating you so kind
Think, I wouldn't find out you had a man on the sly?
Body on fire, voice like mariah
Babygirl's a liar, something like Ira
I do admire you though,
But you ain't different from the rest
Ain't confusing you no more
Peace out, Manila Fresh!!!

[ Chorus ]

Verse 3 (Yellow Kid):

Simula sa ibaba
Ngayon pa a-kyat ka..
Umasensong makata
Lahat naging pantasya
Tawag ng tawag pare tinalo pa ex-ko
Alam mo yung typong honey pa check up ng cell mo
Tanong ng tanong anong gawa? napaka stress-ish..
Nakarineg ka na ba ng inner peace, at ease-bitch ..
You wanna "S" this "D" like puffin a bong bong
De makalimutan, like these classical jordan's
Pilit ka parang isang orgie ng cabin crew bitch'es
I'mma get ya tripple A's pang finale mong wishlist
Mukhang hinde pa sulit ang ora'h sa plaka' na "toh"
Ikaw ang dahilan, bat kinidinap si cupido!
Kung manakit ang akin mga salita walang lambing...
Wag kang ma akit, dahil iilangin at lalamigin..
Mukhang hinde ka makuha sa tingin, "still kings"

Senoritang marunong sumaeng! livin this dream!

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Manila Boize feat. Jacqueline Noah - Fantasy (Official Music Video)

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