Midnight Meetings - Pwede Ba

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Midnight Meetings - Pwede Ba [Official Music Video]

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Producer: Guada Tagalog and Mel Pante
Director: Mel Pante
Assistant Director: Vero Zamesa
DOP: Jippy Pascua and Ein Ermino
Production Designer: Raffy Las
Asst. Production Designer: Dreps Tatad
Setman: Jazz Dingding
Editor: Jed Lising
Colorist: Ein Ermino
Hair and Make Up: Jopie Sanchez
Production Manager: Pre Valenzuela
Production Assistant: Reg Tagalog
Photographer: Allan Mendoza

Recorded at: Perthman Records

Special Thanks to: Ton Vergel de Dios, Paolo Mercado, RZ Toledo, Joanne Lu, Mario Buan, Mark Go, Carmela Laxamana, Karl Santos, RJ Espinas, Nicolette Ingalla, Den Fonseca, Matmat Castro, Christian Guillermo and our other supportive friends. 
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