Pop Girls - Crazy Crazy

Check out the newest and hottest OPM song today - Crazy Crazy by Pop Girls.

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"Crazy Crazy" lyrics

I'm crazy, crazy for you
I'm crazy, crazy for you
It's just like a dream
You're all I see
I'm crazy, crazy
I'm crazy, crazy for you

Gabi-gabi ikaw ang panaginip
Sa umaga, nasa isip
Di maiwasan
O mapigilan
Ang aking puso

Pa'no ba nangyari 'to?
Nababaliw na yata ako?
Puso ko'y gulong-gulo

(Repeat Chorus)

Kahit anong gawin nasa utak
Bawat tingin nakikikita
Di maiwasan
O mapigilan
Ang aking puso

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus)

You got me goin'
I can't control it
Everyone knows it
(I'm crazy over you)
Hoping that we last
It's happening so fast
Can't let this feeling pass
(I'm crazy over you...)

(Repeat Chorus)

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Pop Girls - Crazy Crazy Music is also available here in "Latest OPM Hits"
Pop Girls - Crazy Crazy (Official Music Video)
Official music video of Pop Girls' first single entitled "Crazy Crazy". This song is included in their self-titled debut album, released under the P-Pop label of Viva Records
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