Sunday Iscool - Reason

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"Reason" lyrics

You are the meaning of my Life

and I'm willing to give
you everything

I don't care even the sun dont shine

as long as you are here by my side


And you are the reason I smile
the reason why I'm still alive (2x)


One thing is for sure
that you will be with me (2x)

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Reason-Sunday Iscool-Christian Band/OPM
Words & Music by: EARL DEXTER NOCUM
Performed by: SUNDAY IS COOL
Kristian Presco/Juico Zeke- DRUMS
Renz Picache-Lead guitars
marvin Miano- KEYBOARDS
Patrick Pasag- Keyboards2
Lyan Veluz/ Bret Axel Pura-Rythm Guitars
Wes balao- Bass Guitars
Directed by: Raymar Relato
Alex Esquivel
Raymar Relato
MP Berces
Alexandra Vinace Garcia
Raymar Relato
Victor Raphael Nocum
Music was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @
TRIBE of ONE Digital Recording Studio 
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