Embercore - Annihilation

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"Annihilation" lyrics

the blood is rushing to my head / the chase has just begun / there's no turning back
here we stand / our feet set firmly on the ground / the urge to win is rushing through our skin
we set our hearts, minds and ammunitions / in this clash only one survives
defeat is not a part of our plan / domination is a must / brace yourselves for this battle
the moment of truth is yet to come / i feel it slowly creeping into me / inch by inch
over and over / but I won't falter / no I won't / (don't) hesitate to raise our spears
we will never surrender / time has come to prevail / 'cause we are one
our goals are set to be done / no one can keep us down / no one can keep us

we won't surrender today / no, not today

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Embercore - Annihilation [Official Music Video]

Music Video by Embercore performing Annihilation

Debut album 'The Silhouette, The Light' out June 27th!

Produced by: Embercore
Media Producer: Franz Dimaano
Audio Produced at Into Entropy Recordings
Directed by: Franz Dimaano
Edited by: John Marshal Escandor Jr.


Jethro Vergara
Earl Lucero
Benjo Ricarte
John Marshal Escandor Jr.
Franz Dimaano


Aaron Isaac Corvera
Arnold Karl Castillo
Anchie Tailon
Raphael Pulgar

All Rights Reserved Embercore 2013
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