JRuss Chase - He Ain't Gotta Know

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"He Ain't Gotta Know" lyrics


She's my ride and die down ass chick she's so fly,  

She's the one for me, but she's stuck with a G, oh no no.

He aint gotta know..
He aint gotta know..
He aint gotta know..

Ho ho ho ho

Verse 1:

I say he ain't gotta know about our b nezz babe
You aint got to worry you know i got this babe/ Thas ryt
He aint gotta know bout em fancy dates
Fly to another place just to keep it safe/

Sneak, sneak, sneak up so late
Drinks by the bar, weekly secret dates/ (ei)
Then off we go to our newly lease space,
5 am parting with a sweet embrace/ Ooh
Matching pair of J's eventho we ain't together,
Nobody has to know, we don't need no confessor/ Yea
Sure i'll treasure all the moments Good or bad whatever,
Just holla at me rushy baby know im down wherever/

Girl i can deliver, im aware of what im dealin
I am your little secret, consider me hidden/

We don't even need to talk, thats how we keep it on the low,
Yeah lil mama he ain't gotta know/ haha

Verse 2

Lil mama ,You and i together were gonn kill it
We can always push it to the limit/ Yeah)

He aint gotta know about our terms of endearments,
Boyfriend no. 2 or whatever u wanna call it uhh/

Change my name on ur phone, its gonn be tidy up, ok
Need no facebook friendship coz were grown ups/ True that)

The type of man who'll give u complete satisfaction,
Talkin bout the sex i'll have u screaming like im michael jackson/ Ah)
And no,i aint tryanna be rude,
But i can treat u better than your dude from the hood/ thats ryt)
Its all worth it, i know, there's no doubt,
Its a party for two, i know there's no backing Outttt/

What more can i say?
Rushy came to play, its a cray modern day/ Aha
We don't even have to talk, thats how we keep it on the low,
Uhhh lil mama he ain't gotta know/


I say he ain't gotta know about nothin, its just u and i thats it,
If u want an encore, baby girl its on!

I know u want it so bad, u want to give all you got, legs behind your head.
Tho thats the kinda girl i want, Shawty pls dont/

I ain't no trippin' Ur so diffrent,
From them girls, i just cant resist,
Its complicated, but we can work it,

Cause i know i got u you got me.
Oh no There's no strings attached,
No pressure you ain't got to love me,

Best if we can keep it oh, he ain't gotta know about me

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He Ain't Gotta Know (Official Video) - JRuss Chase (Produced by DopeFlipBeatz)

"He Ain't Gotta Know"

Track Written and Performed by:JRuss Chase
Music By: DopeFlipBeatz
Recorded,Mixed and Mastered @ Dirty Room Productions Studio

For Vincent Rufo Studios and 187 Mobstaz Entertainment
Assistant director: Mac Ernelson
Produced by: Vincent Rufo Studios, in cooperation
with DK Studios, Sapors Modeling Agency, Justin Time.
Executive Producer: Vincent Rufo, JRuss Chase, Gab Luciano
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