Schizophrenia - MasaRap

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Schizophrenia - MasaRap Music is also available here in "Latest OPM Hits"

Schizophrenia - MasaRap (Official Music Video)

Schizophrenia is Harlem Ty, Christian "Juan Tamad" Quiapon , and Mcee Zabala

Music Produced by: Bojam // FlipMusic Productions

Directed by: Nolan Bernardino // HappyHouseManila
Edited by: Iggy Javellana
Color Correction: Thyro Alfaro
Make-up: Raven // Ravenism Beauty and Consultancy Services

Special thanks to:

Amis Tumang of The Amazing Playground
Francis Timbol Fabie and Alvin Ong of Burger Company
Choy Mateo of Bullchef

Flipmusic Artists and Friends:

Summer, Nica Ramos, Pow Chavez, Muriel, Thyro, Yumi, Donnalyn Bartolome, Roxee B, Will Devaughn, Shehyee, Dave Hulbert, Target, Tiny Montana, Andy G., Silencer, Anygma, Roselle Galvez, Christelle Joy Celis, Carlo Quinto 
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