WilaBaliW - Fahira

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WilaBaliW - FAHIRA | Official Music Video

Directed by: Jeremy Jay AbaƱo
Director of Photography: Ben Garcimo
Editor: Paul "Burger" Linsangan
Lights and Set Design by: Deo Tejada
Camera: Misha Elman Jeremiah Escobido

Ian Tayao - Vocals
Nino Avenido - Bass
Louis Isok - Guitar
Jesso Ron Montejo - Drums

Road Tech:
Randy Dela Paz
Nelson Cyris

Recorded at Tower Of Doom
Mixed and edited by Juni Devecais
Mastered in London, UK

Credits to:
Red Horse Beer, Draven Shoes, Medisina, BrgyTibay, WIP Caps, Venom III, JBMusic, The Music Source, Jam88.3

Special Thanks to Chaya Claver and Rosario Sandejas

(C) 2013 Wilabaliw x The Bedbug Design LTD ©. All rights reserved, Manila, PI 
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