David DiMuzio feat. Shane Tarun - Again (Muli English Version)

Latest OPM Hits: Check out the newest and hottest OPM song today - Again (Muli English Version) by David DiMuzio feat. Shane Tarun.

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Again (Muli English Version) Lyrics is now available at this moment

"Again" lyrics

Day and night
Oh all I think about is you
And how I acted like a fool
Till you walked out that night
Now the beauty of you frames the guilt I can't erase
Still every time I close my eyes I miss your face

I need your love
Cuz you're the one my heart beats for
Why'd I have to lose you to be sure
I will always be yours
Now it's more than just words
Though I've heard it all along
That you don't know what you've got until it's gone


If you would let me start again
I will be who I should have been
All along it was you, now that I've got a clue
I'll take you back to where it shoulda began
And I will/babe work my way back in
I'll be your lover and your friend
While you make up your mind
I will never stop tryin'
Until it's you and I again

My mind goes back
I loved your hair against the grass,
We spoke of places we'd live at
Picking points on a map
It's a lesson I've learned
Though I've heard it all along

That you don't know what you have until it's gone

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David DiMuzio feat. Shane Tarun - Again (Muli English Version) Music is also available here in "Latest OPM Hits"

Muli - Official ENGLISH Version (Music Video by STAR RECORDS)

David DiMuzio's 1st single "AGAIN (Muli English Version)" a duet with Shane Tarun off the STAR RECORDS album REIMAGINED which features David's original English versions of 6 classic Tagalog/Filipino songs. The Tagalog song "Muli" originally sung by Rodel Naval was composed by Freddie Saturno & Vehnee Saturno. These new English lyric were written by David DiMuzio & Paul DiMuzio.

The goal of this album is to bring classic Filipino songs to a larger audience worldwide. Please help support this unique project by SHARING this video/song with your friends around the world! :) 
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