Sleeping With Secrets by Faintlight

Sleeping With Secrets by Faintlight lyrics

why should we stop
don't you think that we're getting carried away
in this city full of lights
and secrets that we're dying to keep

you caught me as I fell
of all these secrets built
I'll keep this best one
for myself
Don't be scared, dont be scared

It's alright, alright
don't you worry bout me having things to say
I'm alright, alright
all you have to do is ask me

What can I do to keep you?
what can I do to keep you inside?
would I need to make you fall again
beneath our city?
hear me say

it's a shame to keep this good thing going on
never letting it see the light of day

I'll be the reason of it all
stolen moments that would come to make you feel
the kind you'd want to feel over and over again
in this secret
the truth of it all
I'm stealing words to make me feel
you're my addicting contradiction
that makes me feel alright

Would you believe that?

I'll keep you inside
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Tower Sessions | Faintlight - Sleeping with Secrets
Tower Sessions Presents: FAINTLIGHT

For the fifteenth episode of the third season of Tower Sessions, Faintlight performs their song, "Sleeping with Secrets." This performance was filmed and recorded at Tower of Doom Studios during a live recording session.

Visit Faintlight on Facebook to learn more about this band, and check out to find out more about how you can record at Tower of Doom Studios! 
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