Kill 'Em All byCovenant ft. Blaze N Kane & Jaya

Kill 'Em All byCovenant ft. Blaze N Kane & Jaya lyrics is not available
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COVENANT "KILL 'EM ALL" ft Blaze N Kane & Jaya

Version 1 From the Album "Gothic Godz"
Director: Bleed Tapes
ARt Director: Jozza Rhymez
Sound Production: Sly Kane (Iron Chef Production) Mark Rez (BigBang Music Productions/ Covenant)
Editor / Animator: Bleed Tapes
Researcher: Jozza Rhymez
House Production: BloodyRhymez Production Watusi Manila Studio

Special Thanks to:

Director Dan Gil Of WATUSI Manila Studio
Blaze N Kane
Ms. Jaya
Jem Sison of THE CROWD BAR
Tuesday Troop
Iron Chef Production
Big Bang Music Productions
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