Gintong Alaala by Delicado Uno ft. Veterana

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Gintong Alaala - Delicado Uno Feat. Veterana (Official Music Video)

Instrumental Produced by: Braduzz Zon
Performed by: Delicado Uno and Veterana
Words and lyrics by: Delicado Uno

Director: Ryan "Syper one" Delizo
Assistant Director: Honorato "Delicado Uno" Caisip Jr.
Executive Producer: Honorato "Delicado Uno" Caisip Jr. Of Bataan Hiphop Movement
Cameraman: Master Raiden, Jheyzee of Manila Allstar, Makatang Dalubhasa

Editor/Colorist/Sound FX/Sound Arranger: Syper One
Production Assistant: Sonny Ross, Master Raiden, Miss Fragile
Track Recorded at Tambayan Records Studio
Sound Engineer: Ryan "Syper One" Delizo

With Special Participation of Delicado Uno, Veterana, Slimer One, Jheyzee, Miss Fragile, TBS Dapitan, OG Natas, OG Kojack, Blaze One, OG Bizzy, Mommy Rose, Doss, Young Biggie, TBS Solis, Randel Abuloc, OG Sacred, Pektong Batikan, Master Raiden, Syper One, 1017 Hoodlums, TBS MIA hood, OG Long G, Lil Wayne, Whiteboy, Raspen, Motmot, OG Lady Lovely, Jackie, Lyrah Jhoy, TBS Paranaque Southside, Supremo of Kruzzada, Raymond Gumabao, Weedey Smoker, OG A.A, Barek, Rbie One, Kidlat

Tambayan Records
Bataan HipHop Movement
Pirata Pelikula
MR Wreckordz
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