Ito Ang Ating Sandali by Rico Blanco

Ito Ang Ating Sandali by Rico Blanco lyrics is now available

ang uukitin
ito ang oras na
inaantay natin

ang humadlang
sa ating mithiin
isa isa nating


(play hard)
ibigay mo ang lahat
(play hard)
huwag kang paaawat


nagliliyab ang mga puso
ito ang ating sandali
hinding hindi tayo susuko
at sa huli
tayo'y magwawagi


the long wait is over
its time
we've punched through boulders
we've laid everything on the line

the stage is set
the guns, the cannons drawn
like soldiers we let out
a fierce battle song


"we'll fight like titans
we'll rise up if we fall
with hearts of champions
we'll always give our all"
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Rico Blanco - Ito Ang Ating Sandali (Recording Sessions)

All rights reserved rico blanco / balcony entertainment 2014 / (more info below)

Composed arranged produced by rico blanco
Recorded and mixed by angelo rozul
in the attic fantastic, pasig city, philippines

Drums: pao santiago
Guitars: ira cruz
Bass: roger alcantara
Zynths/programming: rb
Video by: rb
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